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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

TLDR: JetCouncil > WSCouncil

It occurs to me that I didn't even really mention taking a Seer Council without Jetbikes. That's because I wouldn't ever recommend it. There are just too many benefits to taking the Jetbike and too many detriments to taking a Council on foot or in a Serpent. A foot Council seems like a complete and utter waste of time. I just can't recommend that and couldn't have in the last book either unless you were using Yriel and Eldrad. If you can support it with some kind of reasoning I'm all ears, but for now I'm going to limit my comments to Jetbike and transported units.

Pros to Jetbikes:
+1 Toughness which affects ID threshhold for Farseers
3+ save that can be improved through Runes of Battle
5+ Jink that can be improved through Runes of Battle
Twin-linked Shuriken Catapults
Fastest ground-based movement profile in the game
Can cast powers against any target

Cons to Jetbikes:
Vulnerable to anti-infantry weapons
Can be assaulted directly
Can be targetted by powers and abilities that can't affect embarked units

If you don't have a Jetbike you have no armor save to buff with Protect. No guaranteed cover save to buff with Conceal. Half as much shooting potential. Poor ability to apply Destructor templates. You can't even use the maledictions you're spending all those points on until you disembark. Then disembarkation restrictions also mean you are ineffective for a turn after getting out. Jetbikes cut out the downtime from a unit that needs to be taking as many actions as possible. With as much as it costs it has to have a big enough impact on the battle to basically win you the game. There are just so many reasons to want the Jetbike I hardly even thought to mention running Seer Councils without them.