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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

NagoyaHammer 2013

I wish I had posted about this earlier because I forgot to tell my Facebook group and I don't think most of those fellas read the NagoyaHammer forums. D'oh =( Anyway, NagoyaHammer is an event (details found here) held every year during Golden Week (a couple Japanese holidays grouped together as a defacto spring vacation). It features a tournament and a variety of painting competitions, although the format of these varies from year to year. The participants mostly reside in or not far from Nagoya from what I know, but I believe there is also a number of people traveling a few hours to get there.

This year will be my first time to attend, so I'm really not sure what to expect. I have gamed with some of the guys that hail from that group and they've all been really cool and fun people. It's especially neat that everyone is so fully engaged in the hobby out there. There's a lot of cool terrain to play on and awesome armies to see. They also play a large variety of armies so it should be fun to play against forces I rarely even see.

I've put a lot of time into preparing for the event. I really hate fielding an army that is only almost fully painted. Since I have more painted Eldar than anything else, I decided to play them. Not that I actually ended up using a lot of stuff I already had done. I painted almost 700 points of the 1,000 I'll be playing. That does have the added benefit of knocking out a huge chunk of Eldar that I had sitting around ready for paint. That'll make it easier to justify buying more in June hehe