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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Brutal ForgeDar Mech List at 1500

Here is a list that I wrote recently when I found out Hornets got buffed. I have run a variant of this, but with the Hornet changes that list dropped so much in points that I could fit in a lot more potency.


  • Farseer - Jetbike, Mantle of the Laughing God
  • 5 Dire Avengers
    • Wave Serpent - TL Scatter Laser, Underslung Shuriken Cannon, Holofields
  • 5 Dire Avengers
    • Wave Serpent - TL Scatter Laser, Underslung Shuriken Cannon, Holofields
Fast Attack
  • Nightwing Interceptor
  • 2 Hornets - 2 x Pulse Lasers, 1 Holofield Upgrade
  • 2 Hornets - 2 x Pulse Lasers
Heavy Support
  • Pheonix Bomber - Anti-infantry Missile Upgrade
  • 2 War Walkers - Scatter Laser and Bright Lance
  • 1 War Walker - Scatter Laser and Bright Lance
1500 Total Points, 2 Scoring Units, 11 Kill Points
Shooting Potency: 2-14 S7, 38 S6, 23 S8/AP2

The idea is to flood the board with AV hulls and strong long-ranged shooting. The Farseer should be casting Guide and Prescience on the Hornets and I'd probably pick up Psychic Shriek for his third power. That makes my first choice powers the ones I can definitely get.

Speed is of the essence. Not only does the list have two hard-hitting fliers with vector-dancer, but it also has Hornets that can flat out and still snap fire. With rerolls to hit and their volume of fire, they should still be able to take some good crucial shots against back armor. This is even better against flyers since you have to snap fire at them anyway and many flyers have AV10 in the back.

"But you only have two troops!" This is a problem for sure, especially considering that my two troops are as soft as they come when their Serpents crash. It basically means that in objective games I have to crush the enemy's troops. Wave Serpents are fortunately very durable, so that may help me keep those Dire Avengers alive until I need them. Depending on how I perceive the enemy's ability to bring down my Serpents and kill or strand my DAs, I can play more or less defensively with them.

There are plenty lists that could give this one some challenge, particularly if the ForgeDar had to go second. With a list focused on shooting capability it is just so beneficial to strike first and negate some of the stuff that can bring down AV 10-11 targets easily. Still, it's a really brutal list that was for some reason made much better than it even needed to be when IA: Aeronautica upgraded the jink save for Nightwings and IA: Apocalypse 2013 updated and improved Hornets.

Hornets are actually something I want to post about later on because the changes to them were astounding, to put it lightly. But that will have to wait for another day.