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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Jetbike LoLtarch Conversion (WIP)

This is a project I started a long time ago and just never got around to finishing. What held me up was annoyance at having to redo how he attaches to the bike. His left foot binds to a magnet in the hood, but instead of a magnet I had originally put a pair of paperclip clippings inside his foot. Well the other day I cut his foot all to hell and started redoing it with green stuff and a proper magnet. I also bound his other foot to the handle bar it had been resting on.

One of the benefits of magnetizing him is that I can reuse the bike for another conversion I want to do. When I run my Jetseer Council I like to have 2 Farseers on bikes, so later on I'll magnetize a Farseer to this hood with a different pose. Another benefit is that it makes transportation much easier because everything fits snugly in my case. On the other hand, I really want to do another project like this some day using a model made all in one piece so I can get a more action-oriented pose out of the rider. Something like a guy leaping off the front. But that would mean a smaller point of contact on the bike and reduced stability--better in my opinion for a show piece than a unit to be used on the table.

Ignore my ugly base please =) I'll clean it up someday, I swear it...

And here is a video about the model and conversion. Pay no mind to where I mention another video. I realized afterward that this one makes it redundant.

Post them up if you have any questions or comments! Cheers!