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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Space Marine Rumors: (Week of July 29th)

I'm not sure how much I buy into a whole new family of weapons for Space Marines, especially when the fluff behind it makes them extremely rare. Also the wounding method is wildly inconsistent with the established rules which makes me even more skeptical. Still, rumors will be rumors and they're fun to look at while we wait to see what becomes of half of the armies in the entire game.
Best_Pone wrote:
Up for release in September is the new Codex: Space Marines.  
 - There will be 7 Ltd Ed varients. 6 of these will be covers for First Founding chapters, whilst the 7th will have Black Templars on the cover.  
 - New weapon family: Grav weapons. I believe these wound against the armour save (so terminators would be wounded as if they had a toughness of 2).  
 - First Founding chapters will be getting a substantial section each to themselves, so hopefully this can be looked as as Codex: Space Marines instead of Codex:Ultramarines. This will also show in a rule called Chapter Tactics, for which the effects depend on the chapter being played. 

- There is a new armour type that at first glance looks to be somewhere between a terminator and a dreadnought - looking more closely, it appears to go over the marine's power armour however.
- This new armour can be armed in 2 ways, depending on the user. The devastator version has either a bolter array or missile launchers mounted on the chest armour, whilst the gauntlets can be armed with heavy bolters, lascannons or grav cannons. The assault version has a bolter array or frag launchers mounted on the chest armour, with assault drills mounted on the gauntlets.  
 - There are 2 new AA tanks. One tank veterans will already be familiar with as the Hunter, armed an AA missile launcher. The other tank mounts 2 tri-barreled turrets instead.  
 - There is a new tactical squad. Lots of options as you'd expect, but of particular interest will probably be the grav pistol and grav rifle.  
 - A new plastic Sternguard veteran squad.  
 - A new plastic Vanguard veteran squad.  
 - New plastic characters: a captain, a librarian and a chaplain.

What do you think? Look plausible? Got any wishlisting you want to do?