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Monday, May 27, 2013

Eldar Rumors 2013.5.27: Wargear; An Aside about Fire Dragons

Someone on the Warseer forum threw around the rules of the Remnant of Glory:

- Mantle of the laughing god: hit and run, shrouded, stealth, reroll cover saves but you lose the IC rule (doesn't replace one of your weapons)
- Shard of Anaris: +2Str melee and rending melee weapon, in challenges you have flesh bane and instant death.
- Firesabre: +1Str, AP3 and soul blaze
- Faolchi wings: can run up to 48" in the shooting phase. But can't shoot charge or cast psychic powers, reroll all cover saves.
- Spirit stone: You give up your invun save until next turn so that you can reduce the charge cost of a power by 1 to a minimum of 1 (Farseer/spiritseer only, doesn't replace one of your weapons)
- Rifle: 120" standard sniper rifle, AP3.
- Phoenix gem. Before wearer dies roll a d6, on a 1 nothing happens but 2-6 a large blast is placed on the model, friend and foe suffer Str4 AP5 hits, if no one dies the wearer removed but if only 1 model dies the wearer gets back up with 1 wound. (One use only, doesn't replace one of your weapons)

That and wraithguard lose wraithsight apparently.

 There is a lot of really cool stuff in there. Notable to me is the sniper rifle at 120" range and AP3 base. I really hope that's true because I have a good number of Rangers and I have some more on the way. Something I'd like to try out is a mix of Rangers and Wraith units. Mostly as a fun army as it seems right now I'll have issues with mobile armies and deep striking flamers, but I think it could be a good time.

This is totally unrelated, but I saw that people are actually upset/surprised about Fire Dragons getting a point cost hike.  They even felt that FDs were a bad choice before. And furthermore that it was a waste of so many points because they need a transport to get their job done. Does it not occur to them that the transport is not dead weight and provides useful dakka? Or that Fire Dragons have a great stat line and amazing wargear for very few points? I think they are the most undercosted unit in the 4th ed codex. Dragons going up makes sense because they cost too little and can achieve great things. Them getting heavier armor makes sense because their targets regularly explode in their faces and you'd think they'd prepare for that. I'm actually pumped about having Fire Dragons I can treat as more than a suicide unit. With support, they may actually fire more than once. 3+ armor is nothing to laugh at when the guy in it is packing a melta gun and melta bombs.

Fire Dragons are unbelievably good as they are, but it seems that with these changes they might actually become a unit players take seriously and don't just throw away. Is anyone else with me on that?