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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Long Overdue Rest

With Nagoyahammer behind me I can finally rest a little after three months of grueling conversion and painting preparation. The event itself was more exhausting than I had ever anticipated too. My partner would be the first to tell you I play slower than the Imperium audits taxes, but we were still playing our turns in under 15 minutes in an effort to finish early for a bonus point. That really added to the energy we spent over the course of the day. I generally get up at 7, but slept until 9 for a solid 10 hours last night. Now I'm on my way to Ina with the family to shop and just hang out. Should be a nice restful day.

When I get back home I'm gonna be editing an essay my friend wrote, but I want to make some time to start the HD remake of Ōkami for PS3. That's something I've been waiting years to get to so I could play, understand and enjoy it in the original language. The story contains a lot of cool mythology I'm interested in and supposedly there are some neat kanji jokes integrated into the particle effects and art design. Gotta clear it pretty quickly though to get back to work on this much-too-late commission.

I'm also planning to sort through the pictures I took and the ones our resident journalist got. There were so many beautifully done figures and interesting armies at the event. He also got some interviews on the tournament and some discussions on 40k generally. There will also be some write-ups on the games and how we approached it to pull off our win. I'll be putting all that up over the course of the next few days, so keep an eye out.