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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Eldar Rumors: A Double Take at those Prices

I posted these prices yesterday at the tail end of my break. I was rushing to put it up at the time so I couldn't really say anything about them. Let me repost them below and then comment afterward.

Oliver Beinlich May 20, 2013 at 12:57 PM
Eldar Codex - $49.50
Eldar LE Codex - $100
Farseer - $20
Wraithknight - $115
Wraithguard - $50
Hemlock Wraithfighter - $65
Dire Avengers (5 pack) - $35
Battleforce - $115
Windrider Jetbike Squadron - $40
Spiritseer - $19.25
Illic Nightspear - $19.25

Let's assume for one terrifying second that these figures are accurate. Now hold your ears as I shout THAT'S F&$#ING BANANAS! Limited Edition codex for $100? Full codex price for the Iyanden supplement? Wraithknight for an unbelievable $115? I never imagined! My friend told me I was crazy for calling the Wraithknight a $95 kit. I must be crazy for thinking nothing in the GW range ought to cost that much!

And could someone explain to me what the limited edition codex could have in it that makes it twice as expensive? I don't know if it is just the book itself or if there is any kind of bonus material--art, a code for the digital download, gold f%&$ing nuggets perhaps?

The Battleforce goes up $25. The Dire Avengers box is cut in half , essentially doubling the cost of the unit. The Wraithguard actually got cheaper and so did the Jetbikes if those figures are right. And assuming 5 Wraithguard and 3 Jetbikes in their respective boxes. But then it also depends on how points change, doesn't it? Right now you'd be hard pressed to put more than ten WG in a list. I'll bet that with the Iyanden supplement and the dual kit with the CC variant, it will be possible to field at least another $100 worth of them.

I was just saying on the Facebook page I need to post about beer and sandwiches sometime this week because I haven't had much positive to say at all. There is plenty to say that's good about the Eldar release. I'm ecstatic about that sniper character that popped up in these release lists. I'm just getting caught up in what I think ought to be the standard reaction. I hope it is and I just don't know. The only way GW will stop bleeding us dry is if we stop walking into their knife. When it affects sales is when they'll stop raising prices with each release. For my part, I'm not going to go nearly as overboard as I wanted to. I've been saving a long time for this, but I just can't fork over all that cash in good conscience. I'll make a few reasonable purchases in addition to the codex. I'm sure I'd spend a lot more if each individual purchase were cheaper, though.

Anyway, I'll have to post about something positive another time, it seems. For now I'll leave off with Duvel and pastrami on rye. Absolutely delicious.