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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Eldar Rumors Running Ridiculously Rampant...R.

Here is a pair of links to Natfka's blog. He has posted some rumors about Eldar Autarchs, paths and Guardians in the first one and about a variety of units in the other.

The rumors of distortion missiles or bombs on the aircraft has me really excited because I've been thinking lately that Eldar have really lost some thematic ground with Necrons being espoused as the hi-tech army. In terms of technology, distortion weapons are really the only unbelievably powerful option they have that is suitably advanced and without counterpart in the Imperium of Man. I'm really hoping to see  our weapons tweaked to be more attractive in general, but a greater distribution of D-weapons would be really fun.

Moving aspects to our compulsory troops slots sounds like the right direction to go with them. The thought of an army with 90 Fire Dragons just fills me with so much sad. I'd be surprised if there are even more than three shrines on a single craftworld. So thematically, I think taking up to two aspect units as troops would make sense. It also provides plenty versatility. 20 Warp Spiders as troops would free up my fast attack slots for the Hornets, Nightwings and Shining Spears I want to take. Plus I'd have my troops covered with tough eldar that can tear up most anything in the game with shooting and move incredibly fast when objective missions call for it. Then I still have four more troops slots to fill with units that are almost sure to be improved considering they're presently some of the worst available to any army.

As neat as the other rumors are, there really isn't much that I think needs to be said until there are pictures available. Although, based on that sweet new Farseer I think it is very likely any pictures that get leaked between now and June will be fantastic. I hope that happens sooner rather than later.

Oh, and for what it's worth, I think Natfka is right about the size of the release. Look at the releases for other armies recently and then at all the stuff that is rumored to release for Eldar. With all the new kits, I doubt they can afford to redo so many of the old plastic kits. I expect new Jetbikes for sure, but beyond that I'm gonna remain skeptical.