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Monday, April 8, 2013

Space Hulk Adaptation on iPad and PC: 2013

Space Hulk: Interview and Game Play

There's a link to an interview with Thomas, of Full Control which is currently developing a Space Hulk game for PC and iPad. Judging from the game play footage the project still needs some work but it looks incredibly promising. While the old Space Hulk PC game was very faithful to the board game for its terrifying atmosphere and the unforgiving death it dealt your troops, it was more of an action game. It certainly wasn't that they tried to reproduce the board game in software.

This is what I'm most excited about with this new release. It's clear that they're putting a lot of work and love into making a faithful digital version. This is actually something I'm dying to see happen with regular 40k, though the effect it would have on model sales almost definitely prohibits it. Still, it works for Wizards of the Coast with their Magic video game on XBox Live. The secret there was for them to successfully monetize it. They allow players to buy digital versions of the cards and build decks in-app. A similar system would work for 40k in terms of software, but realistically the production costs for GW's models is much higher than the cost to print cards. And then there is the need for the hobby culture to promote and cultivate sales. It's not anything I actually expect to see happen, but that's probably a good thing if for nothing other than the amount of time I would lose to it.