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Monday, April 29, 2013

Shopping for Paints and Supplies in the Japanese Countryside

I live in a little tiny town in the center of the country and getting supplies is a tremendous hassle for me. There is one hardware store that is of great help to me, but the closest actual hobby shop is over an hour away and the train schedule here is awful. If I do go that far to do some shopping, I can't find any of the paints I like there. I've come to use Tamiya paints a little more than I otherwise would have because of how easy it is to get. Not that that's a bad thing. Their paints are nice, but there are tons of times when I want to be using MIG, AK, PP or Vallejo. There's also the utter lack of non-train scale scenery and flock. To get any of these things, I find that I have to order from the net.

Here are a few of the sites I use the most:

And obviously is a good resource too.

Anyone know any other good Japanese sites to order from? Or even international sites with convenient/reasonable shipping?