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Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Plastic Farseer Pictures Leaked

Here's a link to the BoLS thread containing the leaked picture of the new plastic Farseer. It first appeared on Natfka's blog, apparently. Have a look at Natfka's blog because there is a ton of awesome news about Eldar that just surfaced there, including a digital reconstruction of the Farseer's pieces.

This is really exciting not just because it seems Eldar will be released sooner rather than later. It's also another HQ that is currently in Fail Cost resin that is moving to a singular plastic sprue. I can't say how happy that makes me after the last four Farseers I bought had air bubbles in their heads that cause their faces to implode. It was a horrible tragedy to see their ghost helms fail them in a critical time of need.

I currently own seven Farseers including a Chapter House mini and a converted one on a jetbike; despite that I still intend to get this one when it comes out. Take a close look at the hand with individual fingers splayed out. Check out the excellently done base, complete with thematic Eldar runes. Notice the very subtle improvements to the curve of the helm and the effect it has on slimming the head and making the model look more elegant. The folds in the robes are accentuated this time around, but are still subtle and realistic. All in all the parts look incredible. I can't wait to put one together myself.

One last thing: this has got me really hungry for a new Yriel model. Outside of Eldrad, he's probably my favorite character in the codex. My only problem with him is that his model looks hideous. Especially that force field hand of his with the fingers all stuck together. It looks ridiculous. I would love to see the attention to detail and posture that this new Farseer exemplifies applied to the Eldar special characters that have models left over from second edition.