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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Notes on Experiences with Telepathy and my Council

I said in my post on Telepathy powers that I think it is perhaps very much more powerful than Divination in terms of causing enemy models to die, but after playing against some Space Marines and Daemons I'm sort of feeling a little differently about it in certain match ups.

ATSKNF makes Terrify much less potent agaisnt Space Marines. Because it allows them to auto-pass regrouping tests, you cannot assault a Horrified SM unit and cause them to die before the assault even takes place (I thought you could and posted it that way earlier; I still need to correct that mistake). They will also auto-regroup at the beginning of the next turn. This doesn't make Terrify useless in any way, but to put it lightly I'd say it's not quite as good as automatically removing them from the board. At the least, some of the other powers in Telepathy are still quite good against them, but I'm feeling like having a guarantee at Guide/Prescience and potential Misfortune would be more beneficial.

Against Chaos Daemons, however, Terrify is righteously worthless. They don't have Fearless as a USR, they have some other immunity like it but under their Daemonic Instability rules. Under the same rule they also can't be pinned, so the 1-2 result from Hallucination is no good either. Again, Psychic Shriek is still solid as are some of the powers where they test against their Ld (they're only immune to morale checks). But once again, against these armies I feel like other powers are more useful. Blessings like Foreboding and Prescience, maledictions like Doom and Misfortune--all of those help kill hordes and MCs where you need good statistical reliability. Against Daemons I'm likely to be looking in this direction the next time I play. If I do roll on Telepathy it will most likely be to get Psychic Shriek, especially because many Daemons units have very low Ld to start with. On the other hand, all Daemons have invul saves which can hinder PsyShriek's success. Something to keep in mind when estimating damage potential during game.

I think I still have a lot to learn about judging my opponent's army and rolling my powers accordingly. Some powers are much better against certain armies. Others are much worse, or maybe even of no use at all. I also apparently need to calm myself when rolling my Farseers since I'm currently in the middle of a game where I wanted Fortune so badly I forgot to make sure I got Prescience. Now I have a Farseer with Guide, Executioner and Death Mission. And he doesn't even have a combat weapon good enough to make DM worth it. Luckily the other Farseer got some good stuff, but you've really got to suck it up sometimes and make the best of your last few rolls when you're not getting Fortune. There are other ways to protect yourself and prolong your Council's rampage. I'll be going over that battle and what I'm doing to keep my Council in the game without rerolls later on.

If you've read the Council posts and seen any other mistakes, let me know. Eventually I'll clean them all up and compile them for easier browsing.