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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Spotlight: Skeeve (who taught me more than he probably realizes)

Yay! I finally have internet again! Wow that was a long two days...*ahem* anyway...

There are basically two moments in all my time hobbying where I saw immediate, profound improvement in my work. The first was when I opened White Dwarf 316 and became absolutely obsessed with Nurgle. The tutorial in that issue taught me more about painting than I had learned up to that point and changed the way I painted and modeled for years. The second time was when I saw Skeeve's Blight Drone tutorial and decided I had to learn more about blending and layering thin coats. I contacted him through the 40k Online forums and was astounded that this brilliant painter had the time to reply to lowly I. Well, I feel a great debt of gratitude for it, because I learned so much through his guidance that again, everything I do has been affected by it. And it gave me the confidence to try new, bolder things. Here are a number of his models that I gathered up to show off. Enjoy.