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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rumors: Sisters of Battle, Black Templars and Inquisitor Skimishes

Man, what a treat when I opened up my browser and saw so much good news! I mean, Apoc is nice news and all, but I favor medium-sized games and didn't really follow the rumors for it at all. These, however, I am very interested in. The Inquisition is easily my favorite faction in 40k after the Eldar. I could easily see myself playing a skirmish game based on Inquisitors instead of hive gangs. Something about Necromunda always seemed so despondently arbitrary considering the scale of the Imperium. I suppose that's part of the point, but it just didn't catch my interest. Persecuting cultists and witches on the other hand--sign me up!

Links to Natfka's Rumors Posts:
It still seems really early on a lot of this stuff and so I'm not really buying into the specifics yet. All I care about is that armies aren't being dropped and that hopefully there will be a skirmish alternative to Necromunda (sorry those figures are hideous). The Sisters are neat and I could see myself getting into collecting some to go with my GK/Inquisition forces. Hopefully they'll be even better integrated the next time around. Good lord I would love expanded Inquisition options.

On Black Templars, I don't have so much to say, I suppose. I hope they really do lose that rule where they run forward when they get shot. That's tactically too dumb for me to believe their chapter would survive very long at all. It must also be very hard for BT players to hold objectives right now hehe. Being able to attach Initiates and Neophytes to existing BT units would be awesome too and would provide some very cool flexibility.

And just because, the last rumored release schedule I saw looked something like this:

August: Lizardmen
September: Bloodbowl
October: Space Marines
November: Dwarves?
December: Hobbit
January: Tyranids
Later in 2014: IG