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Friday, May 10, 2013

Eldar Rumors 2013.5.10: Flyer Description from BoLS

There are some more rumors about the new Eldar flyers via Best_Pone on Warsser. You can find BoLS' original post here.

"via Warseer's Best_Pone

 First look at this picture to get you in the right frame of mind:

 Then read this: Common fighter/bomber features:
- Downward angling of the primary wings (about 30º I'd estimate)
- Canards are very slightly angled down, but near horizontal
- Engines are mounted in pods in the wings
- One weapon mounted centreline under the hull, and one in a pod in each wing Hemlock:
- Has a single vertical stabiliser mounted on the centreline of the aircraft Nightshade:
- Twin "vertical" stabilisers (they're actually about 30º from horizontal), one mounted on each engine pod.

 And finally, another note regarding the big Eldar walker kit:
-it's officially "Wraithknight"

I hate to say I don't dig this general design for Eldar, but I don't. I like it, but not for Eldar. I made my own Nightwings because this is what I expected the new flyers to look like. I like the smooth and curved shape of our other vehicles and I don't really think the hard angles and forward-swept wings of this design or the current Forgeworld flyers suit the army as a whole. Look at our super heavies, basic tank chassis and the Hornet and you'll see what direction I think they should have gone in. That's why my flyers are made from new Fire Prism turrets and cut up Wave Serpent hulls.

The only thing that strikes me about the new Wraith unit is that it will be about the hundredth unit to come out in the last two years with the word "knight" in its name.