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Monday, May 20, 2013

Eldar Rumors 2013.5.20: Release Date and Iyanden Supplement

There are pictures floating all around of leaked White Dwarf pages. It has a nice surprise that no one had heard or expected too. On June 8th we're getting a supplement to the codex with rules for the Iyanden craftworld. I haven't actually seen in the images that the core codex drops on the 8th, but I think it is reasonable to assume a simultaneous release.

This is exciting on so many levels. It signifies that GW has finally figured out that people like this stuff and will buy it if they release it. People love to build specific variations of armies. How many people were disappointed at the nullification of the Eldar Craftworld codex? And the change from chapter traits to chapter tactics?  The lack of legion support in the new CSM book? Not only do these factions provide more variety in the fluff, but they also provide templates for playstyles that are balanced within the book.

This also tells me that there will be more. I'd be thrilled to see the other four major craftworlds receive similar supplements. But I'd be really excited about similar books for the legions and varieties of Orks, etc. This is turning out to be a really surprising release. All because of some leaked images. GW, are you paying attention to what the community does to boost your sales by leaking your precious shopping catalogue--er, I mean hobby magazine?