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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Eldar Rumors 2013.5.10: Models and Potential Release Date

"via Reddit 5-10-2013
I work at a hobby shop and yesterday I was submitting my Games Workshop order. To my surprise my GW rep asked me if I wanted one of the collectors edition codex's ( he knows i'm a huge Eldar fan). I submitted my order for the entire new line of Eldar mini's. Some notable orders were a Wraithguard box set, a new Eldar Avatar box, Jetbikes 3 pack, and the new flier. He couldn't give me names but I can confirm that on May 24th the pre-order for Eldar will be released and they will be released the first week of June.

via Best_Pone 5-10-2013
...the flyers and wraithknight are the new shiny things, so they're going to be what grab the most attention. You are getting new wraithguard - it's a double pack that also do a close combat version. Both types will also have weapon options. The Finecast that I've seen are a spiritseer and a ranger, and your new battleforce replaces the warwalker with a viper."

Here are some rumors I can really get behind! They're realistic, they're first hand accounts, and...they don't suck! What I think is best about these rumors is that there will be new models to address the horrid atrocities that currently form a barrier to people getting into Iyanden and Saim-Hann style armies. The current Wraithguard model looks stupid. I know they're expensive, but if they didn't look so terrible I could pay what I need to start that army. I feel the same way about Jetbikes. Good units and I'd like to use them, but I refuse to convert every single model. And that's something that would be necessary, because again, they look stupid. And they look like Klansmen too, which is just embarrassing, GW.

Just in case you forgot what these 2-pose lumps of ugly look like.
And here's the flying racist.
 And just for good measure, a pair of somewhat less-circulated images of Jes Goodwin's Jetbike Prototype (which really should have come out years ago).

Flyer, neat. Giant Wraith guy, probably cool and also probably 85USD. Couldn't care less about Failcost if I tried. And I do try, because hating Finecast is about the only thing I can think to do with the stuff. The new Avatar is intriguing even if only because the Forgeworld one looks so unbelievably good. But I think he also stands to get even better considering how amazing GW has been making Monstrous Creatures. I mean, really. Look at the Bloodthirster. It was already capable of kicking units' teeth out and got so much better. Here's hoping the Avatar gets stats and a model that make him as impressive as he deserves to be.