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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Eldar Rumors 2013.5.29: If These Aren't Real, it's a Lot of Work for a Troll

Word is that a huge portion of the new Eldar codex leaked through 4chan and can be found here. I've some Bioshock Infinite to be playing, so I'll leave comments for later. Generally I'm not terribly enthusiastic about the bulk of it. I kind of hope we're being trolled just before the release but it does seem in line with what has become of some of the 6th edition books. Mainly I wonder why he would type it all out and not just scan it if he has it already. I don't know whether typing out so much of the info is okay or not from a legal standpoint. I'm just sayin', pics or it didn't happen.

What do you think, troll or furrealz? How do you feel about what you see?