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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Eldar Rumors...Sort of

Here are some "hunches" copied from Blood of Kittens. I'm not 100% sure, but from the intro to this it sounded like this is speculation, not rumors from a source. Many sound about right, but even before seeing this I was hoping against a few of them.

"Well I have bunch of hunches on what you can expect to see from the new Eldar codex...

  • Universal Fleet including the Avatar. 
  • The Wraith stuff though won't have fleet. 
  • Old independent character special rules moved to Warlord Traits 
  • Jet Bikes moved back to Fast Attack (IC to unlock to troops) 
  • Eldar psychic powers nerfed: some powers disappearing, random table, focus on witchfire 
  • Warlocks can only use Eldar specific psychic powers 
  • Runes of Warding Nerfed: No longer board wide 
  • Farseer 2 wounds 
  • Eldrad Mastery Level 4, Staff of Ulthamar similar to Ahirman staff 
  • Almost all Phoenix Lords lose Eternal Warrior have cost reductions 
  • Exarch's must be included in all Aspects units. (Sergeant Character) 
  • Don't expect many changes with the Aspect warriors just cleaning up old rules and such 
  • Dark Reapers, Swooping Hawks, and Banshees see the biggest cost drops and anti-flyer additions 
  • Guardians 7 points a piece 
  • Vehicles will have either no cost reduction of very minor reduction (5pts) with Vypers benefiting the most 
  • Vehicles come stock with shuriken cannons vehicle savings come with cheaper weapon upgrades and wargear 
  • Eldar Flyers first to get Vector Dancer (minus Forge World of course) 
  • Don't be surprised to see Giant Wraithlord with T8 and Will not Die 

The Eldar codex in essences won't reinvent the wheel this is update to bring them in line with 6th edition units costs and such and with Phil Kelly supposedly once again at the helm expect the changes to be more like Chaos Space Marine codex and less like the Chaos Daemons codex."

What I really don't want to see, perhaps more than anything, is an emphasis on witchfire powers. I have never felt like that was the kind of psychic powers Farseers exercise most. I've always felt the concepts behind Fortune, Guide and Doom best exemplify the Eldar influence on fate. I'd be very disappointed to see them just shooting lightning bolts and that's it.

Other stuff I'd like not to see: FA Jetbikes...oh um actually that's it. The rest of that is either no problem with me, or is so obviously going to happen that I've already come to terms with it. Like random powers for instance. Or dropping some that we have currently. My only hope is that we get Fortune in there (possible, but probably with limiting conditions) or ideally as a primaris (which almost certainly won't happen).