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Monday, May 27, 2013

Gaming Weekend: One Last Dance with the 4th Ed. Book

This weekend I'm going to get some gaming in. Seems like this will be the last time I will use the 4th edition Eldar codex. It's a shame the new book couldn't have come out last weekend or something though. It's not easy for me to schedule gaming and it will be a really long month if I'm waiting to use the new codex.

It's sort of a minor event that we're doing. Just a couple of tables prepped to play on and 5-6 players. The idea is for everyone to bring a few small-medium sized lists and get some games in and have a good time. I'm planning on running something I haven't done in a long time, which is tons of aspects. I have always felt that aspects are where Eldar earn themselves their reputation for mandatory synergy. The vehicles are pretty well multi-purpose and while they work incredibly well, they are less satisfying when they work well. Of course not all aspects work great on foot, but some of them do and can operate in support roles especially.

I don't have a huge variety of the things, however. If I just chuck all the ones I have plus some Rangers and Guardians into a list then I'm probably around 1500 with almost all of it painted. The list would be something like 2 x 5 Rangers, 10 Guardians, 10 DAs kitted for shooting and tarpitting, 10 Fire Dragons, 10 Spiders, 10 Scorpions and 5 Shining Spears. Probably a Farseer for HQ, but actually looking at this now, I have good reserves options. An Autarch wouldn't be a bad option. Dunno if I'd run my Aegis. I have a lot of guys who need cover, but I find that ADLs encourage boring play. Our host has good terrain, so dashing to safety in some ruined buildings would be pretty exciting.

Anyway it's a shame I don't have the new 'dex in my hands right now. And as nice as it sounds to see the codex off in fashion, I'm not as sentimental as I am excited about new Eldar. I'd actually get to work on my Inquisition and bring them, but I'm putting all my painting time into a commission and any personal time is going into Bioshock Infinite.

So yeah, Monday is over and I have four more very--long--days until gaming and the new codex =) I can't wait.

Is anyone else getting some last games in with the book this week? Whatcha got planned?