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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Eldar Rumors (2013.5.14): Death Spinners

I can't speak for his credibility, but here is his comment.

Plague Lord on Warseer's Forums (2013.5.14):
"After talking to people here and there I'm pretty sure that warp spiders will have rending"

This is actually something I remember saying to my friend, Scott, that Warp Spiders deserved. I think I brought it up when the Nightspinner was released. But then with the very next FAQ we did not see the Shadowweaver receive rending and I just gave up on it and forgot about the whole thing. Really, I can't say that Death Spinners need rending. I think Warp Spiders get a bad rap because the Internet arbitrarily says they should. Mine have a nasty reputation with anyone who has played against them. I find that for the points they're very effective against any opponent. But I wouldn't exactly say no to gaining rending either.

Some interesting speculation I've seen points at a profile something like this:

  • Death Spinner: S6 AP5, Template, Rending
The precedent for it is set by the old profile using templates and the Death Spinner using the same technology and being rending. It's pure speculation, but it's the kind of speculation I actually do like because it is grounded by precedent and reason. With or without templates though, I'm likely to run mine in every list if they get rending. I don't run much that ignores armor and sometimes you need just a little boost to dakka your way through saves. Particularly against high toughness models with good armor, like the Riptide. The statistics are not very favorable with S6 unless you can bypass armor too.